Thank you for your interest in Moontree Letterpress!  All work is handmade in a small artisan studio. The work reflects the craftsmanship, care and attention we pay to each piece of letterpress.

As for our style, we love plants and nature. We are inspired by the beauty in the natural world and we use these themes in our designs. In addition to a clean and elegant look, we offer our customers a unique experience when they work with us. Letterpress involves a continuous interaction between the printer and the antique press: the two working in a dialogue. But you the client are an integral part of the organic process as we work towards your desired product. The result of this dynamic relationship can be seen in the individuality and uniqueness of the creation.

Unlike the larger wedding invitation operations, we are a small company that takes pride in every piece of work that leaves our studio. When you choose Moontree Letterpress you are supporting a small, local business and ensuring the preservation of a craft: the historic form of letterpress.